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Our Tutor Program for Schools

Our mission is to create a world where knowledge has no boundaries.
At Begyn, we know that every student is different, and every school is different.
That is why we work with you, the school, and your students to make sure we provide an individualised learning experience that will keep your students motivated and on track.

Why work with Begyn?

Begyn has been built for educators, they are the ones that are enabling the next generation to learn, grow and prosper. We believe they should have all the help they can get!

Customised Programs

Reduce your administrative burden with our range of individual and small group tutoring programs. You can also work with our experts to develop a customised program that will be tailored to your school.

Highly Experienced Tutors

Each tutor has a personalised curriculum designed to ensure students are fulfilling the school's and individual's learning needs. The program also offers flexible and targeted support, with tutors who have a deep understanding of their subject area and will work with the school's goal for students to be engaged in their studies.

COVID Learning Program

Let Begyn take on the challenge of establishing and running the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program, enabling students who fall behind in their studies to catch up on what they have missed.

Why work with Begyn?


Set Your Budgets

We are not a tutoring agency. You set your budget and we work with you to deliver maximum value for money.

FREE Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom allows tutors to have online sessions with one or many students at once. They will have a private whiteboard where they can write out formulas and share notes.

Advanced Scheduling

We know flexibility is important for schools. Student schedules can be complicated. Let Begyn work with your team to get it right the first time for every student.

Multiple Subjects

Our tutors are not limited to basic Numeracy and Literacy. We have tutors with deep experience, many of whom are or were previously teachers. Subjects range from Ancient History to the Sciences and everything in between.

Child Safe Practice

The wellbeing and safety of students is our number one priority, we have a stringent recruitment process. including but not limited to ongoing WWC checks, National Police Checks and reference checks. Let us do all of the hard work when it comes to safety and governance.

Meet the Tutors

We encourage all of our partner schools to meet with our tutors.
Every school is different and we want you to feel comfortable that our tutors align with your school's culture.

Working as partners in education

Our mission is to match the right tutors with the right schools. We all want the same great outcome for the students.

Speak with us today and let's change the world, one lesson at a time.

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