Recruitment for Schools


Our Recruitment Service for Schools

Our mission is to create a world where knowledge has no boundaries.
At Begyn, we know that every student is different, and every school is different.
That is why we work with you, the school, to deeply understand your values, culture and pedagogy, helping us to take all the hard work of recruiting the right teacher away from you. 

Why work with Begyn?

Begyn has been built for educators, they are the ones that are enabling the next generation to learn, grow and prosper. We believe they should have all the help they can get!

Education Talent Specialist

We've been recruiting super star tutors for parents and schools for some time now. We've taken that same high standard and applied it to the recruitment for teachers, so far the results have been astounding.

Teachers with drive passion and a growth mindset

We've taken what we've learnt from years of building great teams in the technology start up world, and applied that knowledge to the education sector. 
We search for that magic quality, the x factor in all of our candidates, and we know that this will help them and the school succeed.

We make it easy

We've developed our unique recruitment process, that saves the school many hours in recruitment time. When we've found the one, we'll arrange everything so you don't have to. Simply complete the final interview steps and make an offer.


Working as partners in education

Our mission is to match the right teachers with the right schools. We all want the same great outcome for the students.

Speak with us today and let's change the world, one lesson at a time.

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