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Become a Tutor - Teach on your Terms

At Begyn, we help independent tutors make a living teaching and helping their students get ahead in life.

We are an open marketplace for parents to find tutors online.

Our mission is to create a world where knowledge has no boundaries.

Why Join Begyn

Begyn has been built for educators, they are the ones that are enabling the next generation to learn, grow and prosper. They should be rewarded as much as possible!

No Commissions,
No Fees

Ongoing commissions are terrible. We don't do that. Begyn doesn't take a cut from your rate. It’s free to sign up and get bookings from Begyn. 

We generate our income by charging parents a small service fee when they book a tutor on our platform. Making it a win-win for everyone.

Build Your Brand

We help you build your tutoring brand one lesson at a time. Unlike other platforms, we promote your profile and match you to the right student.

The more you teach, the richer your profile becomes - resulting in broader appreciation of your skills and more customers.

You Do You,
We Do Tech

Teaching online is not easy - you have to pay for multiple tools or settle with free clunky tools. We have all the tools you need to teach online - hassle free.
From bookings, to learning analytics, to online payment and online lessons in the future. You and your students will enjoy a seamless learning experience.
Amazing Features
As a Tutor you have access to some fabulous features on Begyn!

You Set Your Rates

We are not a tutoring agency. You set your own rate and work on your own terms. Choose your work style - group, online, in-person. There are no contracts or minimum hours.

Free Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom allows tutors to have online sessions with one or many students at once. You'll have a private whiteboard where you can write out formulas easily and share notes on one screen.

Your Own Tutor Scheduler

We know flexibility is the reason why you choose to tutor. Begyn lets you set your own working schedule and customers can book instantly, without all the back and forth.

Build Your Profile With Reviews

Unlike Gumtree or Tutorfinder we showcase your experience on the platform.
The more lessons you teach, the richer your profile gets. Giving more reason for parents to choose you.

Protecting Your Personal Details

No need to share your private contact and payment details online ever again. We offer secure messaging and payment platforms, giving you an extra layer of security to protect your privacy.

Integrated Payments Provider

We've chosen Stripe, one of the best in the business, to securely process your payment information! No more chasing customers for missed payments, when a session is booked with you, that's when we take the payment from the parent!

5 Steps To Get Started



Sign Up and Create a Profile

Simply create a profile on by clicking Join Now! below. All you need is a social account or your email address to get started.


Fill in Your Personal Details

At Begyn, we want to make sure every tutor is suitable to work with children. If you're over the age of 18, you need to apply for a Working With Children Check through your state government.

Read more about Working With Children Checks HERE.





Fill in the Subjects You Teach

Once your personal information has been filled in. Complete the rest of your profile by capturing:  

  • your Tagline and an About Me
  • your Achievements and your Approach 
  • upload an intro video about yourself
  • your tutoring Subjects, School Years and Lessons
  • and most importantly, your lesson Hourly Rate


Wait for Your Tutor Approval

At Begyn, we want to make sure every tutor is suitable to work with children. If you're over the age of 18, you need to apply for a Working With Children Check through your state government.

Read more about the approval process HERE.





Sit Tight & Look Out for Bookings

Once you have been approved, all you need to do is sit tight and wait for parents to making bookings with you. 

You'll receive an email and SMS for the booking, then get in contact with the parents and organise a time.

Read more about how to create a great profile HERE.

Guides To Help You Get Started

Building a profile is not easy but these guides can help


Create a Great Profile on Begyn

Your profile is your personal brand on our platform. See how to create one HERE!


How to Write a Great "About Me"

Your About Me is your pitch to parents. It shows who you are and your unique style. Click HERE to see how it's done!


How To Create a Great "Tagline"

A great Tagline lets you describe yourself and captures the imagination of the parent. Click HERE to see how!