About Us


The problem with tuition

One-on-one education has been proven to be one of the easiest ways to raise grades. And grades are directly related to life chances and career development. But until now, for most families, tuition has been out of reach - it was too costly, availability was poor, or it depended on living near a good tutor.

How we’re solving it

Begyn was created to deliver life-changing education to everyone, and this mission makes us excited to get up and get to work every day. Our job is to help parents find trusted and affordable tutors online. We do this by manually verifying tutor identities, monitoring reputation, safely facilitating payments, and reducing the friction of learning online.


Who we are

Our founders have a blend of three distinct insights to tackle our purpose. Raj is a parent who was frustrated by how difficult it was to find a tutor for his daughter. Roger, a technologist who wishes to overhaul the unregulated tutoring industry to form a safer place for all children to learn, and Dave, a former educator who is passionate about encouraging disadvantaged kids to do better at school.